Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Adventures of Mo series about?
Mozart, who is nicknamed, “Mo”, is an American Eskimo dog who travels with a bird named Finchy on a very important mission. They must return a valuable object from the human world to its rightful owner. The only problem is that the owner is clear across the country and they aren’t quite sure how to get there.

Young readers are invited to follow Mo and Finchy on their journey, guessing where they are based on clues within the story. Each story is a learning adventure about some of the coolest, hidden secrets in each state of our country.

How can I save my drawings as photos on my iPad? I keep getting error messages.
Go to Settings in your iPad. Applications will be listed on the left side.
Then click on Adventures of Mo. Check to see if ‘Photos’ is on or off.
If off, turn it on, which will enable you to save your drawings.

Are there written instructions on how the coloring feature of the app works?
Yes. Click on the color wheel.  A side bar will open, featuring multiple colors at the top. Scroll down to the very bottom. Click on Instructions.

Can you explain the art gallery?
Children can email their colored drawings to the author at info@adventuresofmo.com. Their drawings will then be posted in an online art gallery along with their first name, age and city where they live.

What nonprofit animal charities receive donations?
That depends upon you, our readers. Please email the names and contact information of your favorite, nonprofit, animal charities to info@adventuresofmo.com. Every nonprofit will be considered. So far, Eskie Rescuers United (eskierescuersunited.org) and The Last Resort (thelastresortrescue.com) are on the donations list.