What is the name of this state?

Chapter two takes place in the state where Finchy grew up and still lives. It’s a northwestern state and the only one in the whole country that is named after a US president.

It rains a lot, which makes its forests lush and green. It also has snow-capped mountains, five active volcanoes, and giant evergreens, which is why it’s called the Evergreen State.

All kinds of apples are grown here, more than in any other state. Red Delicious. Golden Delicious, Fuji. Gala. Which one is your favorite? How do you eat them? Baked with cinnamon and brown sugar on top? Mo eats his with peanut butter!

On the west side of the state is the Pacific Ocean. It’s the largest ocean on the planet and covers more than thirty percent of the earth’s surface. 

Do you know the  name of the ocean on the east side of the country?

There are many wonderful things about this state. It also has thirteen different islands. Can you name just three?

Among the state’s most famous places to visit is the Hoh Rain Forest. It rains almost every day, which produces leafy, green plants. and very tall trees. The rain forest is also home to many animals like elk, black bears, bobcats and even mountain lions!

Can you name the world’s largest rain forest? Here’s a hint: It has the same name as  a very popular online store, which also started in this state.

Now here’s something very cool: One of its cities named Seattle has a revolving restaurant that’s on the top of a very tall building. It moves around in a circle so you can see different parts of the city from high up in the sky. Another city named Longview even has several bridges made just for squirrels so they can safely cross busy streets.

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