Mo Review: From an Elementary School Teacher in WA

My name is Catherine K. and I’m an elementary school teacher / author from Washington. I think this is a very promising series. It could span over different age groups and subject matters – geography, literacy & animal science come to mind. There are a few areas that would need some fine-tuning for me to use it most effectively in the classroom, but I for sure think it shows potential. I think students could take away a knowledge of geography, literacy skills (like intuition, foreshadowing, the composition of a story), and social studies/history. In order to make it more accessible, I think I would need some extra resources. The main resources I would need are:

  • An interactive map: I’d want to be able to move or follow where Mo is going to give my students a helpful visual.
  • For older students, it would be powerful to have more information about each location. 
  • Older students could learn A LOT about all the cities/places that Mo visits. There’s a ton of history there to learn. 
  • Keywords/Glossary: It would be wonderful to have a reference to use for new vocabulary.
  • Additionally, a public school teacher might want some alignment with curriculum-based standards; though they’d want this laid out for them, not as another task s/he would have to investigate or complete individually.

Lastly, I have a few questions that would need clarity:

  • How did Mo end up in Alaska? Was he a stray? Is he a domesticated dog who randomly ends up living with a moose?
  • OR is this part of the story – to use the clues to figure out where Mo begins? (These are all things my kids would want to know.)

All that being said, I’m excited to continue reading!

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