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Adventures of Mo Trivia


A museum displays a table made out of 14,000 jellybeans. What’s the name of this museum?

Individual Chapters

Chapter 1

Strange, Shiny Object

Mo finds a key on a keychain that has a strange word on it–Florida. Where is this place? Mo starts his journey across the country to find Florida and the key’s owner.

Chapter 2

Mo Meets Finchy

Mo travels to Elliott Bay where he makes a new, fine-feathered friend named Finchy.

Chapter 3

Ancient People

Mo disguises himself as a human so he can learn about a culture that’s over one thousand years old.

More than 1,000 years ago, Anasazi Indians lived in this state.

What does Anasazi mean?

Chapter 4

Max the Sheepherder

Mo and Finchy make their way to the Sawtooth Mountains where they meet Max, a sheep-herding dog with an uppity attitude.

More than 100 years ago, people moved from Europe to California to mine gold.

When they couldn’t find any, they moved here and became sheepherders.

What’s the name of this state?

Chapter 5

Fearless Finchy

Mo and Finchy ride to the top of a mountain to discover the secrets of the universe.

Chapter 6

Elvis and the Wizard

A dinosaur that talks?  Mo and Finchy meet the animals behind the voice.

Elvis is the name of a 77 million year-old dinosaur.

Where does he live?

Chapter 7

Sacred Ceremony

Colors swirl and twirl along with rhythmic beats. Mo and Finchy go to their first Powwow.

What was the first state to grant women the right to vote?

Chapter 8

The Mighty River

Finchy rescues Mo who’s in a deep river and in great danger.

Chapter 9

Finding Florida

Mo and Finchy sneak into a top-secret office and hack into a computer to help them find Florida.

The country’s first cyber-security center was built here. It’s code-named Bumblehive.

What state is it in?

Chapter 10

Hotel for the Furry and Feathered

Mo and Finchy tour an old mansion that also is a hotel for animals.

Chapter 11

Annie, the Armadillo from Amarillo

Mo and Finchy come across a time capsule that will be opened in almost one thousand years.

Helium Centennial Time Columns is a time capsule stuffed with information about how people lived in 1968. One of the items is a passbook for a bank account opened in 1968.

How much money was put into the account?

Chapter 12

Mo Falls in Love

Mo falls in love with Maggie as they dig for buried silver.

Chapter 13

The World’s Best Apple Pie

Mo, Finchy, several hens, and a pig, sheep, cow, and horse, bake an apple pie.

Chapter 14

Enchanted Highway

Mo and Finchy see gigantic sculptures of birds and grasshoppers along the highway.

Chapter 15

Finchy Teaches Mo a Lesson

Mo watches dogs compete and then learns a lesson about being a good sport.

Chapter 16

What Courage Looks Like

Mo and Finchy watch humans at a swim practice who are unable to use their legs.

Chapter 17

Ghosts and Shipwrecks

Mo and Finchy learn about shipwrecks and hear the ghostly voices of those lost at sea.

In the 1800s, dozens of shipwrecks happened between Alaska and these US islands.

What’s the name of these islands?

Chapter 18

Diana, the Butterfly Actor

While on vacation, Mo and Finchy learn about erupting volcanoes. Do they really shoot out computers, couches, and toys?

Chapter 19

Learning to Fly

Finchy teaches Mo how to fly a spaceship but everything goes wrong.

Chapter 20

“You Ain’t Nothing But A Hound Dog”

Mo pretends to be a rock ‘n roll star and performs his favorite song in a packed theater.

Chapter 21

The God of Wind

Mo and Finchy learn how people got along years ago by sharing and being nice to each other.

Chapter 22

President Peanut

Mo and Finchy meet animals who work together to beautify their community park.

Chapter 23

The Voices

Mo and Finchy meet aliens from the moon who are invisible.

Chapter 24

Toto, the Cheater

Mo and Finchy meet a group of sasquatches and learn an important lesson. 

Chapter 25

Stand Up, Speak Up

Mo and Finchy, along with some other animals, stand up for a girl being bullied.

Chapter 26

The Science Fair

Mo and Finchy attend a science fair and help one student prove that he didn’t cheat on his project.

Chapter 27

Hazel, the Chipmunk

Mo and Finchy discover they are only four states away from Florida.

Chapter 28

Mo Learns a Lesson

Mo and Finchy play baseball – animal-style.


Chapter 29

Bella and Nessie

Mo and Finchy learn about the Loch Ness monster and how hard it is to be a seeing-eye dog.

Chapter 30

The Cow Who Wanted to be a Doctor

Mo and Finchy learn about The Pilgrims and encourage a cow to apply to school.

Chapter 31

Being Nice to Someone Mean

Mo and Finchy watch dogs audition for a Broadway play.

Chapter 32

Show and Tell

Mo learns that showing someone you care is just as important as telling them.

Chapter 33

Rescue Mission

Mo and Finchy help rescue a bear.

Chapter 34

Which Way is North?

Mo and Finchy learn directions from Professor Swen, an expert in directionology.

The last time the Liberty Bell rang was more than 150 years ago.

What musical note did the bell strike when it rang?

Chapter 35

The Argument

Finchy gets into an argument with a whale.

Chapter 36

The Hunt for Glass Balls

Mo and Finchy learn about trust while hunting for glass balls.
Every summer, 550 glass floats or balls (made by a local artist) are hidden on this island. If you find one, you get to keep it!

What is the name of this island?

Chapter 37

The Best Costume

Mo and Finchy go to a costume party at a very strange place.

Chapter 38

The Lie That Wouldn’t Stop

Mo and Finchy watch a courtroom trial about a dog that lied.

Chapter 39

Up, Up, and Too Far Left

Mo and Finchy ride in a hot air balloon that goes off course.

Chapter 40

Which Way Is Out?

While lost in a cave, Mo and Finchy make new friends that hang upside down!

Chapter 41

Running Like a Wild Horse

Mo watches a horse race and then feels what it’s like to run as fast as a wild horse.

Chapter 42

Metal Monsters

Mo and Finchy make friends with very smart machines.

Chapter 43

The Telling Trees

Mo and Finchy learn about the importance of compromise. 
What animals live on Morgan Island?
There are thousands of them! And people aren’t allowed to visit.

Chapter 44

Mo and Finchy Help Build a House

Mo and Finchy volunteer to help build a house for senior dogs.

Chapter 45

The Frog with the Hot Pink Hat

Mo and Finchy learn that it’s okay to be different. 



Chapter 46

Finders Keepers

Mo and Finchy dig for diamonds. 

Chapter 47

Star of the Show

Finchy performs in a big dance show.  

Chapter 48

Living on Mars

Mo and Finchy learn what it would be like to live on Mars.

Chapter 49

Mia and Friends

Mo and Finchy meet rays at the world’s largest aquarium.


Four types of sharks live in the largest aquarium in the world. Sand tiger sharks. Great hammerhead sharks. Tiger sharks. Silvertip sharks.

Where is this aquarium?

Chapter 50

Mo and Finchy Say Goodbye

Mo and Finchy find the owner of the lost key and learn what it unlocks.

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