About Mo

The Adventures of Mo is more than just a fun, learning book. It’s a do-good project funded by kind and generous donors like you. Half of proceeds (after taxes) are donated straight to animal charities and children’s literacy programs. The other half enables Mo to continue his journey and share his adventures with children as a FREE resource.

The reading series, which targets early readers, is about a dog named Mo who crisscrosses the country searching for the owner of a valuable key he found back home in Alaska. 

Each story offers clues as to where Mo is so you can guess his location and learn all about America and the importance of friendship, diversity, and courage. 

Everyone is welcome to join the Adventures of Mo community. Share interesting facts about your own state, and/or submit your favorite colored drawing, along with your first name, age, and state where you live, and we’ll post them on this website. Also remember to be our friend on Facebook.

No amount is too small. Please donate $1, $2, $3 or more.

About the Author

I’ve been a  journalist and writer for many years and have even won a national award. The Adventures of Mo is without a doubt, paws down, my passion project. My hope is to connect with others who share my love for animals and reading and to activate children’s imagination so they can positively impact the world around them.  

I wrote this series as a tribute to our family dog, an American Eskimo named Mozart who passed away at the age of ten from cancer. I hope you will get to know Mo the way we did. He was a smart and mischievous dog that loved ice cream! 

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the two dogs sitting next to me are named Karma and Shiloh. They are American Eskimos like Mo. We adopted them years ago from people who could no longer care for them. They’re begging to be characters in upcoming chapters.

Hmmm . . . Need to think about that. In the meantime, thank you for inviting Mo and me into your  home. We hope you enjoy the series.

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Adventures of Mo Trivia

A museum displays a table made out of 14,000 jellybeans. What’s the name of this museum?


Chapter 1

Strange, Shiny Object

Mo finds a key on a keychain that has a strange word on it–Florida. Where is this place? Mo starts his journey across the country to find Florida and the key’s owner.

Chapter 2

Mo Meets Finchy

Mo travels to Elliott Bay where he makes a new, fine-feathered friend named Finchy.

Chapter 3

Ancient People

Mo disguises himself as a human so he can learn about a culture that’s over one thousand years old.

Chapter 4

Max the Sheepherder

Mo and Finchy make their way to the Sawtooth Mountains where they meet Max, a sheepherding dog with an uppity attitude.

Mo and Finchy are donating 50% of all contributions to animal charities
and children literacy programs.

No amount is too small. Please donate $1, $2, $3 or more.

Check Out Our Readers' Artwork

We want to display your wonderful artwork! Email your favorite drawing along with your first name, age, and state where you live. It will be posted on Mo’s Art Gallery for a period of time for your family and friends to see.

Lots of exploring. Lots of learning. Lots of fun.

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