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The Adventures of Mo is not just for early readers – we encourage people of all ages to engage in the fun, share, and learn!

Early reader books like Mo can help to connect an entire community of people.

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The Adventures of Mo is a free online program for people of all ages and backgrounds who want to be entertained while learning more about US geography and history.

Our program includes a variety of fun trivia questions that serve as the perfect dinner table conversation starters: for example, do you know which US state has a floating post office?

The Adventures of Mo eBook (Mo) powers the free program. Consider how this early reader book about geography and history can be used by the following populations:


Story time is a special way for grandparents and grandchildren to spend quality time together. We recommend reading a chapter aloud of this early reader book – in person or virtually – once or twice a week.

Many chapters address childhood lessons that young children may be experiencing, like navigating friendship and understanding resiliency.

Consider asking questions like: 

  • How did Mo and Finchy (the story’s main characters) react?
  • How could they have handled the situation differently?
  • What would you have done in this situation?


Early reader books can be effective resources for children being homeschooled. This free book for teachers and kids can reinforce lessons involving US geography or history.

Students can also learn cardinal or compass directions and fun facts about this country. For instance, did you know that Wyoming was the first state to grant women the right to vote? Or that California is bordered by 3 states, another country, AND an ocean?

Likewise, The Adventures of Mo’s website also features state blog posts that can serve as supplemental and valuable resources for kids when learning about the land, people and history of each state.

ESL Learners

Read The Adventures of Mo to help strengthen literacy skills, especially to support students in the process of learning English. The chapters contain words that students learn in elementary school while informing readers about US geography and history.

As a free online children’s geography book, Mo can help non-native English speakers gain more knowledge about US states, US geography, US history and the country they may now call home.

School Districts

Carol Patton, The Adventure of Mo’s creator, author and national award-winning journalist, talks to elementary school classes (via Zoom or on-site) about how writing can be F-U-N, and incorporates entertaining facts about geography or history into her presentations.

Patton also speaks to older students who are aspiring writers. Her talk focuses on the writing process and her experiences developing The Adventures of Mo.

While working with a teacher at a one-room schoolhouse, Patton helped motivate a student who was a reluctant writer to create and write a story of her own.

If you’re interested in having her talk to your students or class, contact us at: info@adventuresofmo.com


We’re living in a time where many people are re-evaluating their career choices. They may be in the process of actively seeking alternative professions or in search of freelance writing opportunities.

Invite Carol Patton to speak to parents in your community about launching a writing career and her experiences creating, writing and self-publishing The Adventures of Mo.

Primary benefits of our early reader book about geography

As an early reader eBook about geography, The Adventures of Mo offers several advantages for elementary school-aged students beyond learning US geography and history.

This free early reader book aims to help students:

  • Establish confidence with literacy skills
  • Develop independent reading habits
  • Identify and learn new vocabulary
  • Help to build fluency
  • Focus on certain elements like plot and comprehension
  • Use illustrations to support storytelling

Focusing on engagement and comprehension with your child or student?
Here are some questions that you can ask as you begin the journey of reading Mo aloud:

  • What state are Mo and Finchy currently visiting?
  • What direction did they travel to reach this state?
  • Where is this state in the country? Can you find it on a US map?
  • What did you learn about this state?
  • What states are north, south, east and west of this state?
  • Where is this state in relation to the state you live in now? Is it north, south, east, or west of where you live?

Have questions about our free early reader geography book? Feel free to ask – we’re here and happy to chat with you!

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