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Adventures of Mo

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Where is Mo?

Read your way through each adventure as Mo travels across the United States, searching for the owner of a valuable key.
This series targets early readers. They will learn directions (north, south, east, and west), US geography, something interesting about each state, and the value of diversity, courage, and friendship.
Children can draw their own pictures of Mo and his friends or color the ones in each chapter. They can email their favorite one with their first name, age, and state where they live. It will be posted on Mo’s Art Gallery. 


Chapter 1

Strange, Shiny Object

Mo finds a key on a keychain that has a strange word on it–Florida. Where is this place? Mo starts his journey across the country to find Florida and the key’s owner.

Chapter 2

Mo Meets Finchy

Mo travels to Elliott Bay where he makes a new, fine-feathered friend named Finchy.

Chapter 3

Ancient People

Mo disguises himself as a human so he can learn about a culture that’s over one thousand years old.

Chapter 4

Max the Sheepherder

Mo and Finchy make their way to the Sawtooth Mountains where they meet Max, a sheepherding dog with an uppity attitude.

Mo and Finchy are donating 50% of all contributions to animal charities
and children literacy programs.

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Check Out Our Readers' Artwork

We want to display your wonderful artwork! Email your favorite drawing along with your first name, age, and state where you live. It will be posted on Mo’s Art Gallery for a period of time for your family and friends to see.
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