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Free Children's BookThe Adventures of Mo is a fun and free children’s book that aims to power up your child’s reading while rewarding and nourishing curiosity!

Enjoy Mo with your kids or read it aloud to your grandkids in person or remotely. It can even be used in the classroom.

This adventurous online children’s book is about a dog named Mo who lives in Alaska and finds a key attached to a keychain that says Florida on it.

But where is Florida?

He and a bird named Finchy travel on top of a delivery truck–without the driver’s knowledge–to every state in the country searching for the Sunshine State so they can return the key to its rightful owner.

So how can early readers benefit from our free children’s book?

  • They’ll be exposed to cardinal/compass directions.
  • They’ll learn about US/state geography.
  • They’ll read about state history and facts.
  • They’ll be able to identify situations, such as those involving friendship, diversity, or community, that they experience in their daily lives, and then apply the lessons they’ve learned in the real world.

Why is our online children’s book fun?

  • You can create and play a game! For example, guess what state Mo and Finchy are visiting based on clues in each chapter.
  • You can track Mo’s and Finchy’s journey across the country. Where will they head next?
  • The characters are loveable! The situations they often find themselves in will truly make you laugh out loud.


What can early readers learn from our online children’s book?


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This is a do-good project. Half of all net proceeds are contributed to animal charities and children’s literacy organizations nationwide.