Adventures of Mo Trivia

A museum displays a table made out of 14,000 jellybeans. What’s the name of this museum?

Where is Mo?

An American Eskimo dog named Mo and bird named Finchy travel to each US state searching for the owner of a lost key who lives in Florida. But where is Florida? Each chapter reflects an adventure in a different state, touches upon state geography/history, and introduces cardinal directions. Readers guess which state the main characters are visiting based on clues in each chapter.


Mo and Finchy are donating 50% (after taxes) of all contributions to animal charities and children literacy programs.

No amount is too small. Please donate $1, $2, or more.

Who's Reading Mo?

Meet the Author



Meet the Real Mo


A behind-the-scenes supplement is available on AmazonLearn more about how smart, funny, and lovable the real Mo was to his family and friends.

Mo's Art Gallery

Children can draw their own pictures of Mo and friends or color the drawings in each chapter. Email their artwork to us with their first name, age & state so we can feature their talents in Mo’s Art Gallery!

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