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The Adventures of Mo geography program offers 12 different classroom presentations that support structured curriculum and/or learning activities involving US geography, US history, and cardinal (or compass) directions.

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The presentations are designed to:

  • Support specific student outcomes. For example, they can help students to:
    • Identify the location of US cities and/or states on a US map.
    • Understand and apply cardinal directions.
    • Connect US geography with important historical events.
  • Create a fun, entertaining experience. Many of the presentations involve guided imagery, which activates students’ imagination by transporting them to different places in the past, present, or future across the US.
  • Encourage students to learn more about people, places, and key events in this country.

Who delivers the presentations? How are they delivered?

The program’s creator and author, Carol Patton, a national award-winning journalist, conducts lively classroom presentations via Zoom that range between 40 and 60 minutes.

Presentations for classrooms in Las Vegas, Nevada can be conducted onsite or in-person.

Required tools

  • A computer with speakers and camera.
  • On occasion, paper and markers/crayons for drawing.

After a presentation is scheduled, you will be emailed a Zoom link. Before each presentation, place students directly in front of the computer screen as if they are watching a movie. During guided imagery presentations, students may be animated when acting out various scenes described by the presenter.

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