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All About Nevada: A State with Many Surprises

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As the driest state in the country, Nevada supports a rich environment, culture, and history that includes aliens, entertainment, mining, and even blue jeans.

Located in a remote desert in the southern part of the state is a place called Area 51. It was developed in 1955 to test secret military projects. Every year tourists go there, hoping to see aliens or UFOs because of rumors that it was used to study alien spacecraft. The state even named one of its roads the Extraterrestrial Highway because of all the reported UFO sightings.

AoM-All About NevadaNevada is also one of the world’s leading producers of gold and second largest producer of silver. It’s home to the majority of the country’s wild horse population. It has more mountain ranges than any other state in the country.  It also became the second of two states added to the Union during the Civil War (West Virginia was first). That’s why it became known as the Battle Born State. In order to speed up its admission to the Union, Nevada’s entire state constitution – 175 handwritten pages – was sent to Washington, DC, by telegram. To this day, it’s still the longest message ever sent via Morse code.

What really happened…

  • Native Americans of the Paiute, Shoshone, and Washoe tribes originally inhabited the land we now call Nevada. The first Europeans to explore the region came from Spain. They named the region Nevada (which means snowy or snow-capped) due to the snow which covered the mountains at winter.
  • Nevada was part of Spain and then Mexico up until the Mexican-American War.  At the end of the war, in 1848, it became part of the United States. Two years later, it became part of the Utah Territory and then became its own territory in 1861. On October 31, 1864, Nevada was admitted as the 36th state.
  • Nevada was the first state to ratify or say yes to the 15th Amendment to the US Constitution, which meant that anyone can vote, no matter what their race is.
  • On July 7, 1930, construction of the Hoover Dam began. Over the next five years, 21,000 men built the largest dam of its time and one of largest manmade structures in the world.  
  • Some of the first permanent settlers were Mormons from Utah. But the California Gold Rush turned the small town of Las Vegas into a stopping point for thousands of travelers or miners.

Stuff you should know…

  • The federal government owns nearly 85 percent of all land within the state.
  • in 1871, a tailor named Jacob Davis of Reno, Nevada, made the first pair of jeans out of duck cloth, a type of canvas. He had realized that the pants he was making for miners weren’t tough enough to stand up to the conditions in local mines. A miner’s wife had also asked him to make pants that could withstand some abuse. Davis realized he needed to protect his idea but lacked the money to file the necessary documents. So he asked Levi Strauss, a German immigrant who had recently opened a branch of his family’s dry-goods store in San Francisco, and the two took out a patent on a pair of pants strengthened with rivets.
  • In 1859, a large deposit of silver was discovered near Virginia City called the Comstock Lode. Miners started rushing there in hopes of striking it rich. Lots of towns sprang up around the area. Roughly $400 million in silver was mined before it ran out in 1898.
  • Although the law was mostly ignored, gambling was banned in Nevada between 1869 and 1910. But in 1931, during the Great Depression, it was re-legalized.  

Crazy, funny, or just plain weird…

Tell me more…

  • In 1933, Nevada produced the first hardhats. They were invented specifically for the Hoover Dam workers.
  • There are about 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas, more than anywhere else on the planet.
  • Samuel Clemens, a famous writer, moved to Nevada in 1861 to try silver mining. He worked as a newspaper editor in Virginia City, where he first used his famous pen name Mark Twain.

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