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All About Arkansas: The Natural State

Arkansas is the only state in the country whose name contains the name of another state. Do you know the other state’s name? Here’s a hint: It starts with the third letter. (It’s Kansas.) But Arkansas is not pronounced the same way as Kansas. The...

All About Rhode Island: The Ocean State

Rhode Island. Did you know it is the smallest state in size in this country? From north to south, it’s just 48 miles; from east to west, it’s only 37 miles. It’s bordered by Massachusetts to the north and east, the Atlantic Ocean to the south, and...

All About Vermont: Freedom and Unity

Like maple syrup, especially when it’s warm and poured over a stack of pancakes? Vermont is famous for its maple syrup, which is made from sap from the sugar maple, the state tree. You can also try maple sugar candy, maple lollipops, and even maple...

All About New York: The Empire State

Love pizza? (Mo likes it topped with hamburger, but please – no onions!) The first pizzeria in this country, called Lombardi’s Pizza, opened in New York City back in 1905 by a man named Genaro Lombardo who was from Naples, Italy. New York is famous...

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